DIY Glass Bowl Terrarium

Some ladies/ fellas enjoy a nice bouquet of flowers to make their home feel fresh and alive and beautiful. The southern California equivalent of that is a terrarium — a sandy, succulenty delight that will bring those bohemian dreamy desert vibes with a flora finish.

We created this DIY with fake succulents, but if you want to use real plants, just add a pocket of dirt in the sand for the roots to take hold in! Check out the rest of the DIY steps below!

Prep It:

Glass bowl Sand (in one or two, or many colors!) Faux succulents Wood slices Stones

Do It!:

  1. Pour your sand into the glass bowl. If you have multiple colors of sand, get creative mixing and layering them!
  2. Place your succulents into the sand and position them in your terrarium to make an arrangement that you like.
  3. Fill in the space around the succulents with stones and wood slices, or even crystals to give your terrarium a personal touch!