DIY Gold Basketball Hoop

In school, and I guess in professional athletics, the general rule is that you have to win the basketball game before you get the gold medal/ trophy. Luckily for the Boss Girls/ Holy Trinity/ Grace, Mamrie, and Hannah, I have never been much of an athlete ... but I have always known my way around a can of gold spray paint.

When Hannah pinned an inspiration image of a gold basketball hoop for their office, I knew I had to deliver ... score ... SLAM DUNK this DIY to make the space complete!

Prep It:

Basketball Net Chain Basketball Hoop Rim Spray Paint Primer Gold Spray Paint

Do It!:

  1. Prime your basketball hoop rim with spray paint and let dry.
  2. Paint your rim and chain hoop with the gold spray paint until fully covered. You will have to let the first sides/ angles dry and turn over both pieces to get complete coverage!
  3. Drill or mount your gilded basketball hoop to its new home!