DIY Grapevine and Succulent Decor

Much like the manzanita trees I just DIY-ed for Joey Graceffa's gaming room, these grapevines are a project that is all about emphasizing and embellishing the organic beauty of nature. You only need two things (+ a hot glue gun, in true #creativeweirdo fashion) to create these spectacular statues, then you can hang them from the wall, place them on the table, or get even more creative with how you display them!

Prep It:

Grapevines Faux succulents Hot glue gun

Do It!:

  1. This DIY is pretty much only one simple step — whether you place one large succulent on your grapevine, or stud it with smaller ones, arrange the succulents how you like and glue them into place!
  2. If you want to use this DIY as wall decor, fasten a triangle ring hanger onto the back of the branch so it can hang nicely from the wall!