DIY: lace make-up

Dressing up for Halloween is so fun…especially when you can be an evil sorceress with lace glued to your face! Annnnd, that's exactly what this costume is, just a little bit of lace trim from the fabric store, glued to my hairline with some eyelash glue. Super easy and super evil! Just add some extreme makeup and a badass attitude and you're ready to flirt and fright!

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Prep it:
  • clear adhesive eyelash glue
  • scissors
  • lace trim (from the fabric store)

  1. measure the lace to the length of your forehead
  2. cut the lace to size - tip: keep in mind the design of the lace and cut along an edge that makes it end gracefully
  3. put eyelash glue on one side of the lace, let it get slightly tacky and place it on your forehead - removal note: this stuff is sticky so be prepared to wash the glue out of your hair after you remove the lace trim

Outfit Deets: