DIY Painted Deck Hopscotch


To see the video this DIY was featured in, check out Breaking Beige: The Perfect Vintage DIY Nursery (PART 2)


Prep It:


MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-31MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-29 MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-30 MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-33 MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-34 MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-39MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-40

Do It!:

  1. Prep your wood or deck by sanding
  2. Clean wood with water and rag
  3. Scrub wood with diluted deck cleaner, rinse and let dry.
  4. For hopscotch: measure and tape off hopscotch outline using painters tape and a measuring tape. I made each square a foot.
  5. Paint the wood or deck (within the painter's tape lines for hopscotch) with the DeckOver and let dry! Tip: use a thick coat as it helps fill in any indents in the wood.
  6. For hopscotch: draw in your numbers with the sidewalk chalk or you could paint them for a permanent result.
MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-97 MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-92 MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-96 MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-95