DIY Indoor Manzanita Trees

What's more magical, that this manzanita branch looks like an epic, sculptural wand, or that it's an awe-inducing, beautiful tree that you won't have to water?! For Joey Gratceffa's enchanted forest-themed gaming room makeover, I couldn't resist DIY-ing these elegant giant manzanita branches into dreamlike trees in just a few simple steps! Check it out below!

Prep It!:

Large manzanita branches Instant concrete Water Planter Moss

Do It!:

  1. This project works best with a partner so the first step is to acquire one! One of you should hold the manzanita branch upright in the planter so it looks like a tree. Make sure you hold it straight!
  2. Pour the instant concrete into the planter and combine with water as instructed to create a thick, strong concrete mixture.
  3. Continue to fill up the planter with the instant concrete and water mixture until it is about 75% full, and the tree is able to stand on its own (this might take a few minutes of patience for it to set! But these mixtures typically start hardening in 10 minutes so you don't have to hold on forever!)
  4. When the concrete is fully dry, place some moss over the top to make it look more like an organic planter. Then position the DIY where you'd like your tree to be and enjoy its sculptural beauty!