DIY jeweled storage container

I have an issue where I don't throw things away, some people may call it hoarding, but I've made a deal with myself that anything I keep, I have to USE. Thus, I applied that rule to these empty candle containers. I love the pretty design but I had to make them functional in order to keep them around. I didn't want to use the containers with the logo showing on the lid so I cleaned out the remaining wax and spent wicks and disguised the logos with some jewels from cheap bracelets I'd had languishing in my jewelry box. The results are decorative yet functional storage containers for my jewelry or whatever else I chose to cutely contain. I think these would make cute gift items as well!

Watch the video above for the quick and easy tutorial. Happy sunday!

Prep It:
  • jewels ( I took mine off of an old bracelet and belt)
  • dazzle tac glue or glue that will work on metal and glass
  • pliers
  • old metal or glass candle containers
  • pot with water

  1. Heat some water in a pot on your stove with the candle container floating inside until the remaining wax (that didn't burn off from the wick) melts. Carefully pour out the wax in the trash and wipe the container clean with a paper towel.
  2. Use pliers to remove the remaining part of the wick and metal base
  3. Cut the jewels off of your old bracelet, belt, etc. and plan your layout on your container - you could just use the jewels to cover the label or do a more ornate design, etc.
  4. Glue the jewels onto the container using your glue and let dry.
  5. Get organized!