DIY lace insert jacket


One of our most popular DIY posts on Pinterest is the 'DIY Lace Insert Tee' and since I love jazzing up some old wardrobe items and I love a lace insert, here is the Lace Insert Jean Jacket!

This is a great DIY to do to an old jacket to make it warmer weather appropriate for Spring / Summer. The lace adds some breathability and a feminine juxtaposition to a structured denim jacket.



Prep It:

MrKate_DIY_LaceInsertJacket-2 MrKate_DIY_LaceInsertJacket-3aa MrKate_DIY_LaceInsertJacket-5 MrKate_DIY_LaceInsertJacket-6 MrKate_DIY_LaceInsertJacket-8 MrKate_DIY_LaceInsertJacket-9

Do It!:

  1. Cut out the back panel of the jean jacket inside the seam. Try to get as close to the seem as possible.
  2. Lay the jean jacket out so the inside is facing you and cut a piece of lace a couple inches larger than the jacket's back panel on each side.
  3. Pin the lace down onto the jacket, keeping the lace nice and taught all the way around.
  4. Hot glue (with the fabric hot glue sticks) the lace inset onto the inside of the jacket, removing pins as you go until the entire piece of lace is secured to the inside of the hem of the (now missing) back panel.
  5. Style your lace inset denim jacket with a mini dress and heels or however you like!
MrKate_DIY_LaceInsertJacket-10 MrKate_DIY_LaceInsertJacket-19 MrKate_DIY_LaceInsertJacket-16 MrKate_DIY_LaceInsertJacket-17 MrKate_DIY_LaceInsertJacket24 MrKate_DIY_LaceInsertJacket-21

MrKate_DIY_LaceInsertJacket-20 Outfit Deets:

What do you think of this DIY? Comment and let us know! xo