DIY Leaf Wall Decal Stairs

Welcome to the jungle!

The quirky, whimsical, vintage-inspired jungle, that is! Working in an outdated 70s era apartment, I brought some modernity and charm in with a wall decal that was cut up and applied piece-by-piece down a wall on the side of some stairs! The descending flora pattern is 100% removable when it's time for a move, making this DIY rental-friendly!

Prep It:

Leaf wall decal Scissors

Do It!:

  1. Measure the width of each stair on the wall. Cut a piece of your decal to that length. Don't cut straight down, but carefully cut around the leaves in the design, so it will look like they are overlapping as you go down the stairs.
  2. If your stairs are carpeted like these are, it may be helpful to tape back the carpet at the cusp of the wall when you apply the decal, for a more exact application.
  3. Following the directions included in the decal, apply your pieces to the wall. For a more natural look, don't start at the top and work down, but hop around between stairs for the different levels of the decal, so the overlapping leaves look natural!