DIY letterpress jewelry holder

I have these old letterpress holders that I love! Joey got them from a garage sale for cheeep (they also have them at flea markets, online, etc.) and we've had them displayed on a thrifted dresser in our room. Recently we used them at our collection release party to display jewelry and I thought it looked so rad I wanted to show you all!

Prep It:
  • old letterpress holder (find at garage sales, flea markets, online, etc.) - you can paint it if you want but I like the old wood look.
  • ring insert foam tray liners - $3 each here
  • scissors
  • tons of Mr. Kate jewelry!
  • cut the ring foam to size to fit in the largest boxes of your letterpress holder. you may want to glue or double-stick tape them down if you plan on propping the display up.
  • organize and display all your jewelry! shop all the Mr. Kate pieces here!