DIY Magic Wands

Some DIYs are functional, and some ... are just for fun! I'm a big fan of customized art in a space to serve as a reminder of a creative experience, and also to bring personality into play — but customized art doesn't always have to come on a canvas.

When I was decorating the apartment of two girls who happen to be huge Harry Potter fans, I thought what better way for them to display their creativity than with some cute, DIY wands?!

Prep It:

Wands Hot glue gun and hot glue Scissors Twine Colorful thread Rhinestones Assorted decorative items (like shells, faux flowers, pom poms, or little plastic pieces!) Display case

Do It!:

  1. This DIY is pretty straightforward — plug in that hot glue gun and start decorating your wand! It's helpful to usually work from one direction of the wand to the other — from top down or vice versa. Start with smaller or thinner pieces like twine and keep adding until you feel like your wand represents your inner magic perfectly!
  2. Let the glue dry, maybe have a duel or two, and display the wands in their very own display case!