DIY Metal-Embellished Sweater | Upcycl'd Fall Fashion

As not just a YouTuber/ DIYer/ blogger/ cat lover but also a jewelry and accessories designer, I tend to believe that all things look a little better with some added bling.

So, when I noticed that metal-embellished sweaters were becoming a serious contender for fall style must-have, I knew there could be no better way to take on this trend than with my very own jewelry-making pliers and some DIY spirit.

And that kids, is the story of how I met made your new favorite sweater. Watch it above (I promise it won't take 9 seasons, or even 9 minutes!)


Prep It:

Open knit sweater Jump rings Pliers


Do It!:

  1. It's best to work with a sweater that already has an open or large knit. The larger the knit, the larger your jump rings can and should be! You can choose jump rings in gold, silver, or an metallic combination to add your certain style to the project.
  2. Plan out where you want your jump rings to be on the sweater. I opted for a cascading effect down the front, but you could put them in stripes, across the seams, or in any sort of pattern!
  3. Working one jump ring at a time, use the pliers to open the ring, loop it through the knit of the sweater, then use close it again with the pliers.
  4. If you wanted to get fancy, you could add chain between jump rings, jump rings of different sizes, or even charms off the rings! Once you get the basic technique of adding the jump rings to your sweater down, the possibilities are expansive (and exciting!)