DIY Mud Cloth Statement Wall

A major cornerstone of the bohemian design style is global inspiration — drawing from the colors, textures, and decor of countries all across the world. I've always had an interest in the bohemian style, and so much of that was my love for African mud cloth. I use it wherever I can, even in the pillows in my living room!

Since Mia Stammer wanted a traditionally bohemian living room, with all of the world represented between its walls, I could not resist giving her not just a touch of mud cloth ... but an entire wall of it! Check out the DIY below!

Prep It!:

Terra-cotta colored wall paint Slightly deeper shade of terra-cotta colored wall paint Glaze Wide brush with thick bristles Plastic bucket Laser level (optional, but very convenient!) Pencil White wall paint Thin paintbrush

Do It!:

  1. Paint your wall with the lighter terra-cotta wall paint and let dry!
  2. Mix together the darker shade of paint and the glaze, 1 part each, in the plastic container.
  3. Use a thick-bristled paint brush to paint this mixture over the wall. Work only downwards strokes, letting all of the glazey paint be used up in each stroke.
  4. Continue painting the wall in this technique until it's fully covered, then let dry. This will give the wall a weave-like texture to make it appear more like fabric!
  5. Set up your laser level and start to draw your mud cloth pattern onto the wall in pencil. I found it very helpful to draw my pattern out in a sketchbook first, looking at pictures of other mud cloths for inspiration. The laser level will help you stay straight with your pattern, since you're working on such a large scale!
  6. Paint over your pencil pattern with the white wall paint and thin paint brush. Let dry, then your mud cloth wall is complete!