DIY Music Notes Wall Clock

There are lots of ways to measure time ... in minutes, hours, trips to Target ... there's even a whole song about this in Rent. When we were making over the room of a music teacher, I thought it would be clever to use the connection between music and time to make him a clock that features notes instead of numbers!

Even if you'd prefer traditional numbers, this DIY is a great technique to create a wall clock out of a frame and some paper! Prep It:

Frame Paper Clock hands and battery Pen Pencils Eraser

Do It!:

  1. Remove and discard the glass from the picture frame. Find the center of the paper that you're framing, and punch a hole large enough to fit the center of the clock through. You will need to create a hole through the backing of the frame too, so grab a drill if needed.
  2. Using that hole as your center point, grab something round like a plate to use as your stencil for the clock. Trace around it in pencil.
  3. Draw out your music notes around the circle stencil in pencil, then once you're secure with the placement, fill in with pen.
  4. Erase the pencil marks from the paper.
  5. Frame the paper, and, following the instructions on your clock kit, set up the hands and battery of the clock!
  6. Hang the clock on the wall and enjoy!