DIY nails: mix your own nail polish color

i wanted to paint my nails a lavender color but i didn't have it! sooo, i made my own nail polish color by mixing together a few or my existing polish colors to create a creepy shade of pale lavender...

i used a paper plate as my palette and pink, blue and white nail polish which i mixed together with the dotting tool on a nail art brush - a toothpick would do the trick too!...

place dots of polish on the paper plate and stir! remember to mix enough polish to cover all 10 nails...

i kept adding more white to my blue and pink mixture to get the perfect pastel shade.

i had left over so i used the nail art brush to scoop the excess polish into an empty polish bottle so i could use it again later! i put a dot of polish on the top of the bottle so i'll know what color is inside for future reference.

ta da! then i added some gold square studs - that i bought online here - and sealed them in with coats of clear polish.