DIY neon duct tape + beads shoe laces

i've had these boots in their plain state for probably 7 years! woah, i'm dating myself. in a fit of madness i decided to spruce them up with some neon orange duct and beads on the laces….just crazy i tell you!

Neon Duct Tape and Beaded Laces

What You Need:

  • old pair of boots w/ laces
  • neon duct tape (i got mine from kmart but they have it at any hardware store)
  • beads, washers or hex nuts from the hardware store
Do It:
  1. cut or rip pieces of duct tape and wrap them around your laces
  2. place beads or hex nuts over the tapered part of the lace and wrap duct tape over tapered end to keep beads in place.