DIY ombre sneakers

Grab some old (or new) white sneakers and get them summer-ready with this easy DIY that's to DYE for! Ombre adds a fun gradient color to nails, hair, shirts, and now... shoes! We chose aquamarine for it's ocean-like vibe that's perfect for warm weather!

Prep It:
  • white sneakers
  • painters tape
  • liquid Rit dye - in the color of your choice, we used Aquamarine
  • newspaper
  • small spray bottle
  1. remove the laces from the sneakers
  2. fill the sneakers with newspaper to protect the inside from the dye
  3. cover the sole of the shoe with painters tape
  4. fill the spray bottle with a small amount of the dye (we did about 1/8 of the way up the bottle) and add water to the top, shake the bottle
  5. start at the toe and spray about a one quarter of the shoe
  6. pour out some of the mixture and add more water - making the dye mixture lighter
  7. now spray the middle portion of the shoe
  8. again, pour out some of the mixture and add more water
  9. spray the heel of the shoe with the watered down dye to create the full ombre effect!
  10. let dry, put laces back in and wear with whatever you want!

Outfit Deets:
  • owl tank: Forever 21
  • shorts: vintage
  • jewelry: Mr. Kate