DIY organize: nail tips polish display

As you probably already know, I have a huge love for nail art. Recently, I visited this, dare I call it, a nail art warehouse, near downtown LA called Starlight Nail Supply (they have an online store too!). They have everrrrything, as you can see from the photos below (including chicken nail charms mmkay), and I, ahem, picked up a few things, including this nail tips fan (for $4) which I used to organize all my nail polish colors!

This relates to the Nail Polish Organizer question I answered, as this is also a great way to know what nail polish you have and make it easier to pick a color!

The mecca of all things nails!

Rows upon rows of nail polish.

I went with my friend Hanah - here's a nail buffer named Hannah (extra 'n')... look at that Mr. Kate Vertebrae ring!

3D studs for nails.

Fox heads with rhinestones!


More decals and colorful chain to glue on nails.

Chicken charms! ...I bought these.

What do you all think? Would a nail tips fan help you organize your polish? Comment below! xo