DIY Painted Ceramic Cactus

Traditionally, cacti are either green or, if you're unlucky with keeping your plants alive, brown. But being a #creativeweirdo means that you don't see things in traditional ways, and when you have a ceramic cactus on your hands, you think why not paint it pink?

Check out nurseries for garden statues for other ideas for this DIY! Also, Target has a good selection of smaller ceramic sculptures in their craft section!

Prep It:

Ceramic cactus Wall paint samples Paintbrush Faux flowers Hot glue gun and hot glue

Do It!:

  1. Set up a painting area and paint your ceramic cactus a bright new color! Use multiple coats if necessary.
  2. Once your base paint is dry, add on any patterns or other details with the paint!
  3. To accent with flowers, take the flower heads off of the stems. A pro trick is to invert the green plastic base of the flower to make it fit perfectly atop the cactus.
  4. Hot glue the flowers into place, and let dry. Place your cactus in your home or garden and enjoy! No need to water or worry about sunshine!