DIY Painted Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall ... what is the best DIY of them all?

One part wall art, one part positivity-spreading, this simple project transforms a bedroom/ bathroom staple into something more than just a reflective surface. With some paint and some time, you can write yourself a message on a mirror so that the next time you ask it who is fairest, it automatically replies "you, queen!!" Check out the steps and supplies below!

Prep It:
Wall paint

Do It!:

  1. Choose a design for your mirror! Andrea and I painted a multicolored sun with some positive phrasing ... whether you paint this design or another, I recommend only taking up about 1/2 of the mirror, and leaving negative space within the design so that the mirror doesn't lose utility.
  2. Paint your design onto the mirror, letting each layer dry before painting over it.
  3. Let the entire design dry and hang your mirror! Your selfies will never be the same.