DIY Painted Patterned Mugs

I've been really enjoying refreshing all aspects of my life this January. However, contrary to what most people might think, refreshing doesn't always mean taking away, stripping down, or cleaning off. Refreshing can also mean adding color, renewing, renovating, or giving new life. And this is exactly the definition I took to heart with this super simple, amazingly fun DIY. It marries my passion for drawing with a great way to update and utilize plain, bare mugs I already had around. Sounds (and looks) like a win-win to me!

MrKate_2016_Q1_DIY_StopMotion_Cups_reveal2 (5 of 5)Prep It:

Ceramic mug Ceramic paint pen

Do It!:

  1. Draw your doodles, designs, or MOMA-worthy masterpiece onto the mug.
  2. Once the paint is dry, cure in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. This will hold up the designs through the wear and tear of being your new favorite mug.
  3. Done! Fill with coffee, a matcha latte, a martini, and enjoy!
MrKate_2016_Q1_DIY_StopMotion_Cups_reveal2 (3 of 5)MrKate_2016_Q1_DIY_StopMotion_Cups_reveal (7 of 7)MrKate_2016_Q1_DIY_StopMotion_Cups_reveal2 (2 of 5)

MrKate_2016_Q1_DIY_StopMotion_Cups_reveal (5 of 7)

MrKate_2016_Q1_DIY_StopMotion_Cups_reveal (4 of 7)MrKate_2016_Q1_DIY_StopMotion_Cups_reveal (1 of 7)MrKate_2016_Q1_DIY_StopMotion_Cups_reveal (3 of 7)MrKate_2016_Q1_DIY_StopMotion_Cups_reveal (2 of 7)