DIY Pastel Pink Painted Plant Pots

I could never declare a favorite color (except glitter ... does that count?), but I must say, when designing a room I always have to have some beautiful greens. I'm talking about plants, of course! I've found that there's no way to really bring all the elements of a room together except some leafy loveliness.

When I was designing Joslyn's modern, bright studio for OMG We're Coming Over, I knew that these aforementioned greens would go a long way in making her space feel complete. But I also knew they needed to be integrated into the white/gray/pink color scheme a little more. Thus, these pretty painted planters were made using latex paint and placed on plant stands! They bring height and grace to your little garden display, and are perfect for a corner, next to your bed, or out on a patio!

Check out the DIY below, and see them in action on OMG We're Coming Over!


Prep It:

Terracotta pots and saucers Paint Paintbrush Plant stands


Do It!:

  1. Decide what color you want your pots, saucers, and plant stands to be. Since there are three pieces, you could make them monochromatic, ombre ... there are so many options! Especially since we gathered three planters at three different heights, there were lots of color possibilities to play with.
  2. Paint the pots, saucers, and/or plant stands with your chosen paint color and let dry. Tip: One coat of paint gives you a more brushed organic look and two coats gives you a more solid modern look.
  3. Fill those new pastel beauties with some plants, using potting soil to fill in and secure. Then put all the pieces together (pot in saucer on stand), and enjoy your new pretty pinks and greens!