DIY Potato Stamped Eye Print Pillow

I spy, with my potato-stamped eyes ... such a fun DIY!

Okay, enough with the rhyming — with or without little limericks, this DIY pillow is an awesome way to get a very trendy item into your life for a fraction of the money, but double the fun! I featured this pillow in my Cubicle Decor, 3 Ways video, but it would also make an amazing gift for the holidays!

Check out the DIY and see different variations of the stamp below!


Prep It:

Linen pillowcase Potato Craft knife Cardboard Fabric paint Sponge brush Marker

cubicle-3-ways-potato-01 cubicle-3-ways-potato-02

Do It!:

  1. It helps to first sketch or print out the eye pattern that you'd like to make with the stamp. Then, slice down the length of the potato, cutting it into two halves.
  2. Pat your potato dry and sketch your eye shape onto the meet with your marker.
  3. Using a craft knife, carefully carve out the eye shape. It should be about 1/4 inch above the rest of the potato.
  4. Pour out some fabric paint onto a disposable surface and dab it out evenly with the sponge brush. Dip your potato stamp into the paint and do a few test stamps!
  5. Slide a piece of cardboard into the pillowcase before you start stamping. This will prevent the paint from bleeding through to the other side!
  6. Now, go stamp crazy! Fill your pillowcase with as many eyes as you'd like.
  7. Let the fabric paint dry, remove the cardboard from the pillow, and fill it with an insert!

cubicle-3-ways-potato-03 cubicle-3-ways-potato-04mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-122

P.S. If you make your stamp into a small circle you can make cool polka dot art like this! Or cut it into small triangles for an effect like on the cork mousepad below!