DIY Ribbon Bunny Ear Headband


Deck yourself out this spring and make yourself an adorable bunny ear headband! Because, why not?!

To watch the video in which this DIY was featured, check out '3 Cute N' Easy Easter DIYs'!

aaeastervid-11 eastervid-17 eastervid-3 Prep It:
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks - they look like bunny ears in this pic
  • WIRED fabric ribbon 2-4" wide - I chose a satin teal color
  • plain headband
  • scissors
eastervid-4 DO IT! (watch the video above for more visual help with the steps):
  • Wrap the wired ribbon around your headband, hot gluing as you go, until the entire headband is covered.
  • Measure out the ribbon you'd like to use for your ears - I made my ears about 8 inches tall (any longer might flop) - leave about 6 inches extra to wrap and secure around the headband and remember you're folding your ears so you need double the length... meaning for mine I cut 22" for each ear piece (8 x 2 plus 6 inches to wrap)
  • I chose to crumple the ribbon for the ear, so that the ribbon looks a little disheveled, then glue it around your headband using the 3 extra inches on each side to wrap around the headband - use as much hot glue as you need until they feel secure. Repeat for the other earpiece.