DIY Rug Cat Scratch Wall Squares

Cats love rugs. This is a fact. Us humans, as guardians and owners of both the cats and the rugs, are a little less enthusiastic about this relationship.

So, when decorating a living room specifically meant to be home to three kitties, I made sure that they had their own rugs to play with, so the full size one can be left (mostly) to the human. By using samples of really chic rugs, I was able to make this cat-centric installation actually look like modern textural wall art. Check out the supplies and how-to below!

Prep It:

Wood board Saw Sandpaper Wall paint Paintbrush Rug samples (we got these from West Elm) Staple gun Upholstery staples

Do It!:

  1. Place your rug samples onto the wood board and draw out a square that's about 1 inch bigger on all sides. If some of your rug samples are a little smaller, use the largest sample and match all of the wood backings to that. It looks better to just center a smaller piece than to have different size squares!
  2. Sand and paint your wood squares with the wall paint. Since the center of the wood will be covered by the rug, just focus on the sides and the edges of the front.
  3. Once your paint is dry, position your rug sample centered onto the wood square, and staple gun it into place! Upholstery staples are key for this step, since you'll need the extra length to thoroughly secure the rug to the backing.
  4. Hang your squares on your wall with command strips or screws!