DIY safety pin blazer

Upcycle that old blazer or jacket with some safety pins! You'll be punk-rocker chic as well as helpful to anyone that rips the crotch of their pants.

Prep it:
  • blazer that needs sprucing
  • safety pins - a bunch of them in two different sizes
Do it:
  • start fastening the safety pins at the bottom of the blazer lapel
  • as you pin up the lapel, switch the direction of the pin so it has an alternating pattern with the clasp going one way and then the other
  • when you get to a wider area of the lapel, you can use larger safety pins to mix it up
  • go all the way around the neck of the jacket and back down to the other side
  • now it's ready to wear! ...and you'll be able to help anyone who has a fashion emergency - broken bra strap, have no fear!
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