DIY Sequin Fabric Wall

Sequins have been everywhere the past few years, making the 2010s a delightfully sparkly, shimmery, and aesthetically spectacular time. We've seen them on pillows, every single type of clothing, in makeup looks, cell phone cases ... and now, walls!

Not only is this wall art interactive, multi-sensory, and one hell of a statement, it is completely achievable in one afternoon! Check out the supplies and steps below! Prep It!:

Reversible sequin fabric Plywood board Staple gun Power screwdriver

Do It!:

  1. Wrap your sequin fabric around the board, covering the front of it tightly.
  2. Flip the board over and fold in the corners of the fabric like a present, cutting excess fabric if you need to. Watch this tutorial for further instruction on folding the corners if needed!
  3. Staple the fabric into place on the backside of the wood.
  4. Depending on the layout of your wall and the area you'd like to cover, you may want to use one piece of wood, or multiple and piece them together. If you are using multiple, repeat steps 1-3 to cover the rest of the pieces.
  5. Attach the sequined pieces into the wall by screwing them directly onto the wall, making sure to screw into studs so everything is secure!