DIY Christmas/ holiday shopping bag tree garland

after much debating, or actually just being really busy, joey and i decided to decorate one of our indoor ficus trees (like last year) instead of buying a live tree. it's cheap aka free, since we already had the plant, and eco friendly! we broke out some old white twinkle lights and patio lights (the ones with the round basket) and some old red tree balls (ew?). the DIY shopping bag garlands i threw together for some added decoration while keeping the palette red, green and natural. i like the way it turned out!

DIY shopping bag winter garland

what you'll need: - old shopping bag (colored or natural, your choice) - glue gun - scissors - twine or ribbon (i used natural hemp twine)

do it: - cut the shapes you want out of the paper bag (i did very rough squares and rectangles) remember you'll need enough to be double sided around the twine. - take two around the same sized cuts of paper and place a drop of hot glue in the middle of one. - glue the two pieces of paper together with the twine in between. space about 6 or so inches down the twine and repeat until you reach the end of the length of twine...and done! note: i made a loop knot at the top to hang them vertically from the tree (like a weeping willow!) but you could string them horizontally too! sooo easy and sooooo cheap!