DIY Silver Leaf Frosted Mirror

When designing a glam room, mirrors are a staple! They're shiny, they're elegant, and it doesn't hurt that they're just what a beauty guru needs to put their makeup on.

I stepped up the sophistication on this mirror by applying silver leaf around the edges, which gave it a luxe frost effect. Double the shine in almost no time! Check out the steps below!

Prep It:

Mirror Silver leaf Glue Stipple brush Foam brush

Do It!:

  1. Apply some glue around the edge of the mirror, avoiding the frame. Blot the glue using the stipple brush so that it is a thin layer.
  2. To apply the silver leaf, tear off a sheet and place it over the glue. Press it down with your finger or with the foam brush.
  3. Wipe off the excess silver leaf with the foam brush and save it to apply around the rest of the mirror!
  4. Follow steps 1-3 until you've applied the silver leaf around all of the edges of the mirror!