DIY Silver Wood Stump Side Table

You know I'm all about juxtaposition, and what could be more "opposites attract" fun than a piece of furniture that was simultaneously wood, yet metal?

I'm not bending any laws of chemistry here, just DIY-ing a wood stump into an amazingly sophisticated and modern side table with a few steps and a coat of silver paint!

The final piece is solid, yet not heavy, natural, yet with a luxe sheen — ugh, just perfect!


Prep It:

Treated wood stump (no critters here!) Power sander Sandpaper Primer Paintbrush Silver paint


Do It!:

  1. Get your stump ready by removing any loose bark from the sides, and using the power sander to smooth down the entire thing, focusing mainly on the top which will serve as a table top.
  2. For any small details or final touches to the smoothing process, use a piece of sandpaper to get the stump perfect!
  3. Prime the entire piece with a coat of white primer paint. Regardless of if you're painting your stump silver, don't skip this step! The primer will really help the color you choose stand out and be bright and true to expectations.
  4. Now it's time to paint it silver! On the sides of the stump, paint with the grain of the wood, and on the top, just make sure it's smooth and even!
  5. Let the paint dry, and you have yourself a new silver stump side table!