DIY sparkle lashes

With the new year quickly approaching I'm sure many of you are planning your NYE celebrations...and outfits! It's always fun to add some sparkle to your ensemble and don't forget about your eyelashes! These DIY Sparkle Lashes are a fun way to add glitz to a pair of fake eyelashes so you can bat your way into 2014 with styyyle.

Prep It:
  • fake eyelashes
  • eyelash glue that dries clear
  • small rhinestones
  • star confetti (from the craft's store or nail art kits)
  • tweezers

  1. make a little puddle of glue on the plastic case for the lashes and use the tweezers to dip the stars and rhinestones in a little bit of the glue
  2. gently place the confetti or rhinestone on the lashes
  3. let dry and put them on like you would any other faux eyelashes