DIY Splatter Paint Throw Blanket

When throw blankets become part of your everyday life, they can sometimes become subject to accidental spills and splatters. But don't you just wish those were in a pretty pink or bright blue?

This DIY takes the spirit of getting messy and makes it intentional, transforming a neutral throw blanket into a personalized Jackson Pollock piece. What's not to love?

Prep It:

Cotton throw blanket Fabric paint Paintbrushes

Do It!:

  1. Set your blanket out, grab your paints, and start to splatter! If your paints are too thick to splatter as you'd like, you can water them down slightly.
  2. This blanket had pompoms along the edges that we painted. Paint on any additional features to your blanket that you'd like!
  3. If you want to paint both sides of the blanket, let the first side dry before flipping it over and working on the second side.
  4. Let the blanket dry, and enjoy getting cozy in your colorful new piece!