DIY stained wood art


If you're faced with a big patch of bare wall, sometimes you need to keep it simple and large scale. In comes this DIY minimalist wood wall decor using inexpensive wood canvases from the art store - which are quickly becoming some of my favorite things! I love bringing natural wood grains into an interior space to give it warmth. Wood grain is so naturally beautiful that the stains just enhance and let the natural pattern be the art!

wood-canvas copy

Prep It:

  • wood canvases (available at arts and crafts stores)
  • rubber gloves
  • wood stains in different tones - we used ebony, walnut and driftwood
  • a rag

wood-canvas-2_cb wood-canvas-3_cb wood-canvas-4_cb wood-canvas-5_cb


Do It!:
  • Open your can(s) of stain and use your rag to apply a thin layer to the wood canvas
  • Rub your stain into the wood with even coats. Two coats will give you a richer effect.
  • Let dry and hang up!