DIY yarn wrapped stick centerpiece

An easy way to add a dynamic/ sculptural element to a space. This DIY was featured in 'Two Couples In A Condo! Part 3: Colorful Midcentury Design', if you haven't already, watch it here!

MrKate_DIY_YarnWrappedSticks1 Prep It: MrKate_DIY_YarnWrappedSticks-2 MrKate_DIY_YarnWrappedSticks MrKate_InACondo_Part3_-7 Do It!:
  1. Start your wrap with a knot at the end of the stick, then wrap the yarn around the stick until it's covered. Tie knots every so often to make sure the yarn won't unravel. Use as many or few colors as you chose!
  2. Assort your wrapped sticks in a vase and place on display.