DIY studded shorts and stuff

fun! i love studded shorts! i've been wanting to do a one-side-studded-and-spiked thing for a while, ever since i saw these shorts that my sister has. like i said in the video, studs come and go but i like them always!

i mention that you can stud the bottom cuff of a pair of jeans - like i did in this post. or you can spike a headband - like i did in this post! or a jacket, etc.!

DIY Studded and Spiked Shorts

Prep It:

  • cut off shorts
  • spikes and studs of your choosing - try crustpunks.com or studsandspikes.com
  • a dart awl or sharp instrument
  • flat head screwdriver
  • phillips head screw driver if needed for the screw back spikes
  1. plan your layout with your studs and spikes
  2. for the screw back spikes: poke a hole with your dart awl, insert the screw back through the hole from the underside of the garment. screw the spike onto the screw back and tighten with the screwdriver.
  3. for the prong studs: poke the prongs through the fabric and use your flat head screwdriver to flatten the prongs down snug against the fabric.
Outfit deets:
  • DIY shorts - original shorts from no name store on Melrose near Poinsettia
  • shirt from Urban Outfitters
  • shoes from Aldo
  • watch by Nixon
  • all jewelry from Mr. Kate