DIY style: lace trimmed denim shorts

as promised, here is the DIY for the denim and lace shorts i wore in this OOTD post. i used the distressed denim shorts that i made from a pair of jeans from this DIY and added lace trim! super easy and no-sew if you use fabric glue sticks in a glue gun. it's a fun and feminine way to snazz up some denim shorts....

me and Mr. Kate videographer and hottie Brad Etter!

Lace Trim (insert) Jean Shorts

watch the video above for the full tutorial

Prep It:

  • pair of denim shorts
  • lace trim - from the fabric store or crafts store
  • hot glue gun with fabric glue sticks - or you could use a needle and thread or regular fabric glue.
  • scissors
  1. decide where you want to place your lace trim on your shorts - you could use it all along the bottom hem or do an insert like i did.
  2. if you're doing the entire hem - glue the lace trim to the underside of the jean shorts and let it peek out. if you want to do an insert - cut a pretty piece of lace and glue the perimeter to the side of the shorts using the side hem to center the lace. make sure to leave the bottom perimeter not glued if you want to cut out the little piece behind the lace to let your skin show (watch the video for reference).
  3. once the glue is dry, cut out the little triangle of denim behind the lace to let your skin peek through. you may want to glue the lace down more after you've cut the piece. done!
a note on washing - i just machine wash cold and let air dry when i use fabric glue and lace. My Outfit:
  • DIY lace shorts
  • goodwill lace tank
  • American Apparel pink top
  • turquoise necklace from Madison
  • jewel necklace from Forever 21
  • velvet angels shoes