DIY style: spruce up old sunglasses with ribbon

this is such a super easy DIY way to spruce up an old or cheap pair of sunglasses. i have so many random sunglasses that i don't wear anymore that originally cost around $12 and i also have a ton of random ribbon in my crafts supplies, so in a fit of madness, i joined them together!

DIY Ribbon Embellished Sunglasses

watch the video above for the full tutorial

Prep It:

  • old sunglasses
  • ribbon
  • e6000 glue
  • scissors
  • toothpick or stick to spread glue
  1. decide where you want to place your ribbon on your sunglasses - try to highlight the design of the glasses - either the side arms or top. cut your ribbon to size. **do a diagonal cut on flat ribbon so it won't fray, and tie a knot on round ribbon
  2. use your toothpick to carefully spread a layer of glue on the sunglasses and place your ribbon on top - make sure there's no spillage to keep it clean looking.
  3. let them dry and then wear them while getting some vitamin D!