DIY ugly christmas sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a classic during the holidays. Usually many peeps show up to the Ugly Sweater party in their uncle's hand-me-down 80's monstrosity but I think DIYing your own Ugly Sweater is way more fun! These two sweaters I got at The Goodwill for super cheap - I know, the cat one is actually pretty cute - but I made them both suuuper ugly using a variety of doo-hickey's from the crafts store. Get creative and get ugly!

Joey and I are disgusted at these boring sweaters…they need to get radical and ugly, fast!

Prep it:
  • old sweater
  • hot glue gun and fabric glue sticks
  • embroidery needle and thread
  • holiday embellishments (bells, bows, pom poms, mini stockings, Shwings, etc. )
  1. plan your lay out on your sweater
  2. glue on the larger objects with the hot glue gun (like the bows and stockings, gem stones, etc.)
  3. sew on the smaller items (like the bells and mini ornaments) using the embroidery needle and thread
  4. rock your very own ugly christmas sweater with pride!

And this, will probably be our holiday card ; )

Joey and I are posing in front of the DIY Winter Wall Decor!