DIY Unicorn Tattooed Ornament

If you're looking to give your tree or holiday a distinctly unicorn-like vibe, sometimes the best thing to do is ... well, put some unicorns on it!

By using the Doodles BeautyMarks (which feature plenty of unicorn paraphernalia), I took the guess work and drying time out of any ornament DIYs that involve paint or glue. All you need are scissors and water! (Oh, and BeautyMarks, of course.)

If this fantastical theme isn't what you're going for this year, this DIY works with any packet of BeautyMarks or other temporary tattoos. Cosmic ornaments, anyone?


Prep It:

Solid color ball ornaments Doodles BeautyMarks Scissors Water Paper towels


Do It!:

  1. Pick out which pattern you want to put on your ornament, and cut it out of the BeautyMarks sheet.
  2. Remove the clear plastic sheet from your tattoo and place it face down onto the ornament. Wet a paper towel use this to wet the backing of the BeautyMark for about 15 seconds.
  3. Remove the backing and voila!! Your newly rad ornament is revealed! Dry it gently and you're ready to decorate that tree!