DIY unzip your true colors halloween make-up

this tape was found in the abandoned home of Mr. Kate after her and her video crew's mysterious disappearance. the following description was attached as well as a request to upload this to the Mr. Kate blog...

"did you hear that!? it's your true colors trying to break through! glue on your face zipper and let them out! in this makeup tutorial my sister, Tess and i do each others make-up to reveal our true colors.

Prep It:

  • face paint
  • a zipper from the fabric store
  • false eyelash glue
  • make-up brushes and/or sponges
  • hair pins
  • you might also want lashes or rhinestones, etc. to add to your look!


  1. decide where you want your zipper on your face and pin it to your hair to keep in place.
  2. use the eyelash glue to glue the zipper down onto your face and create a space to fill in with your true colors.
  3. have at it with your face paint and apply the outer make-up around your zipper, we chose to use white.
  4. on the inside create your true colors and add to it with some rhinestones and false eyelashes if you want. use the eyelash glue to adhere the rhinestones too!

what do your true colors look like? oh my god, did you see that!????? ahhhhhhhhhh heeellllllppppppp!!!!"