DIY Watercolor Mural Wall

MrKate_WatercolorMural (16 of 18)When Joey and I were decorated Shameless Maya's place in OMG We're Coming Over, my much dreamed-about opportunity to paint all the colors of my wild imagination onto a big white wall was finally recognized. Maya needed a mural (preferably one she could take selfies in front of) and loved the idea of a watercolor mural.

The challenge is that watercolor is usually done on wet paper so that it runs and blends and on a wall, it does neither. But with the help of a water bottle, some glaze, rags and a quick moving arm (cardio!) I blurred and blended my way to a watercolor-esque vibe.

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Prep It:

Wall paint Glaze Paper towels or rags Spray bottle with water

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Do It!:

  1. Mix together the wall paint and glaze to thin the paint out and give it a sheer, spreadable texture.
  2. Start painting it on your wall, one color at a time, using a rag or paper towel to get the paint on the wall in a healthy dab.
  3. Move quickly with your spray bottle and water to keep the paint wet and moving as you blend in a circular motion with your rag or paper towel.
  4. Layer colors over each other only slightly, making sure that they are in the same color family and don't create a shade of brown!
  5. Let dry and add more layers as you see fit! Selfie away!
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