DIY Whitewashed Baskets

Interior designer pro tip!: If you're out shopping and you just can't seem to find the item you need in the color you'd like, don't worry about it! There is no better, and more convenient, a DIY than transforming home decor with a nice coat of paint.

Case in point: these baskets from Meghan Rienks' bedroom! I loved the shape, but really wanted them to have a nice whitewashed finish like the the rest of the room. Solution? Chalkboard paint! The ultra matte finish of this paint was the perfect touch (and I bet I'd never have found something so cute in stores!)


Prep It:

Baskets Chalkboard paint Paintbrush

Do It!:

  1. Paint your baskets with the chalkboard paint! Don't worry about covering every last bit of the color that is underneath, leave it brushy and light for that whitewashed finish!
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