DIY Window Painting

I'm admittedly a big fan of murals. I think there's nothing like a little creative weirdness with some paint to take a blank space in your room and transform it into a personalized, stylish addition.

When designing this room for Office Goals on the Road, I figured the same rules applied to windows! I channeled the creative, educational aesthetic of this space to work up a window mural that let this feature be as much a part of the design as everything else!

P.S. I only used white, but you can get chalk markers in lots of colors!

Prep It:

Chalk markers/ window markers Notebook Pencil

Do It!:

  1. Sketch out your design in a notebook, letting the sides of the notebook act like the edges of the window, so you can plan how to draw around the edges and fill the space!
  2. Using a window-safe chalk marker, draw your design onto the window. If you make any mistakes, you can quickly clean up with window cleaner and a paper towel!
  3. Once you're done, let your design dry and enjoy! Follow the directions indicated by the chalk markers you used to remove the design when you're ready.