DIY winter/ Christmas selfie wall

Just like we made a DIY Fall Selfie Wall for the Mr. Kate offices, we had to bring in the Winter self love with this snowy, mistletoe photo op. This is a fun idea to do to any patch of wall you have and spark some #selfie motivation… as I like to say, "A selfie a day, keeps the doctor away"…love thy self people!

Prep it:
  • twine or rope
  • fake snow, poly stuffing or quilt batting from the craft store or fabric store
  • thumb tacks
  • mistletoe or glittery leaves from the craft store and a red ribbon (optional)

  1. spread your fake snow on your wall and make it stay with thumb tacks
  2. use the twine rope to hang the mistletoe from your ceiling so it lands in the middle of the snow wall
  3. take selfies!