Dream Butterfly Bedroom & Rainbow Playroom for Elle and Alaia

OMG we're coming over ... with a baby! This episode was Moon's first OMGWACO experience, so I'm so glad it was to make a dream bedroom and playroom for Elle and Alaïa! As new parents, there is just something so magical about creating the space that will foster the creativity and be a place of comfort for your little ones as they grow. I am so enamored with the enchanted, whimsical vibe of both the rooms and I hope you love them too!

Check out the episode above and the before and after pics and the shopping links below!

First up, the breathtaking butterfly bedroom!

Shop these rooms!:

Moon looks pretty comfortable in this oversized gilded cage, doesn't he?

Now, onto the clean yet colorful rainbow playroom!

Not content with just a doorway, Joey created this DIY rainbow door frame, complete with colorful lighting!