easy luxury: towel basket


The other day while folding my towels I thought to myself, 'why am I being such a square?'

As you probably saw in Episode 1 of OMG We Bought A House, our master bathroom needs to be re-done. But, since we're not quite ready to tackle that project (time and budget wise), I've found some easy ways to make our bathroom more luxurious like this towel basket and seperate hamper. In the Guest Room episode of OMG We Bought A House, I talked about my fondness for a rolled towel - it reminds me of a spa! Thus, I brought a little spa vibe to our bathroom by placing rolled towels in an inexpensive basket and placing another basket nearby for the dirty towels (I bought both at Home Goods). This way, we have clean towels waiting for us when we get out of the shower and it's easy to throw the dirty towels in one laundry load together from the seperate hamper. Hope you get inspired to DIY a little easy luxury in your bathroom too!

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