evil twin

yes, i'm in the bathtub, in leopard mesh, with a body brush....it's actually really healthy to dry brush your skin. my grandma has done it for years and her skin is so soft! dry brushing sluffs off the dead skin cells, helps to eliminate toxins and can even get rid of cellulite! - read more about dry brushing here - get a dry brush like this.

of course, you should take your clothes off before you dry-brush, but it wasn't that kind of weird self-photoshoot, it was another kind of weird self-photoshoot! i was inspired by the brand name of this wonderful giant mesh leopard shirt; Evil Twin. i embraced my Gemini self and sought out my evil twin in the oval-shaped mirror...can you spot her?

a note about my new Artifact (decay) collection: i have been teasing that i am going to list all of the pieces in the shop soon, and i am! however, there are some very exciting changes i am making to my website and shop which have slowed down the uploading of the products into the shop. but they are coming, in a matter of days! i promise. in the meantime, shop the sale items before they're all gone. SALE ENDS THIS WEEKEND 1/29/2011!

- leopard mesh shirt by Evil Twin, socks from Nasty Gal, Jeffrey Campbell boots, all Mr. Kate jewelry including the Worm Fossil Headpiece and pieces from the coming soon Artifact (decay) collection -