Fairy Dust BeautyMarks are here!

For those of you who love fairies, Freckles BeautyMarks, or feeling magical — I am beyond delighted to share with you these brand new, holographic

Fairy Dust BeautyMarks!

Complete with luminescent butterflies, dazzling freckles, and subtly stunning eye "petals" and eye "wings," not to mention moon, crystal, and star designs, these hand drawn BeautyMarks are equally as suited to a casual night out as they are for a trip to Coachella. You don't need a big event to bring creative glamour into your look!

Each Fairy Dust BeautyMarks packet comes with two sheets, and over 36 designs that shine silver in certain light, then display vibrant glimpses of pink, gold, blue, violet, and other myriad hypnotic rainbow hues as they're seen from different angles.

My sister Tess and I had such a wonderful, wild #creativeweirdo time styling these BeautyMarks!

Bedazzled baby bump approved!

From a night out to the morning after, from moms-to-be to Little Misters ... these BeautyMarks are versatile to keep you looking magical for all of your life's moments.

Shop the Fairy Dust BeautyMarks!

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