fancy snack

a great gift idea, holiday or otherwise: a fancy olive oil, and aged balsamic vinegar and a decorative cruet (decanter) bottle!

my mom gifted this combo to me and joey and we've enjoyed it every day since! balsamic vinegar is like wine, there are some really delicious, amazing and expensive vinegars that have been aged to perfection and are sooooo damn good! the one my mom got us is a dark cherry and aged 18 years. it's so sweet and delicous and pungent and layered, i can imagine it would even be good over ice cream or strawberries! the olive oil is so flavorful and tastes like a mouthful of fresh olives. we've been dunking fresh bread in the oil and vinegar combo and swooning. as vegans we can still enjoy delicacies!

the cruet is hand-blown and has two containers in one (i'm sure you've seen them at italian restaurants). you pour the olive oil in one section of the decanter and the vinegar in the other. shop them here ...it makes the oil and vinegar feel oh so fancy!