faux bob

i got my hair did for the Beth wedding. i knew i wanted to do a faux bob and part it on the opposite side than my usual part. i decided this because i usually like to wear my hair up when donning a strapless dress (in this case it was my custom-made, black, floor-length, strapless bridesmaid dress...ooo la la) and i've always wanted to try the faux bob and your hair maintains more body usually when you go opposite to your natural part (my opinion).

my cute, pompadoured-hair-stylist-for -the-event, Brandon used my already dirty messy/curly hair to his advantage and created an asymmetrical faux bob. i'll try to re-create it at some point and do a tutorial. basically you twist the underneath layers of hair in the back of your head into small twists to create volume and anchors for your top layers of hair. if your top layers are already short-enough, it will automatically look kind of like a bob when they fall to cover the twists, otherwise you'll have to pin up the top layer to make it look shorter. there are some tutorials on youtube, not sure if they're any good, i say opt for messy rather than sleek so it will look more like a bob and less like an "up do" ewww.